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Garden maintenance, expert services for a thriving outdoor space

Experience the difference of personalised, eco-friendly gardening solutions. Our services are available across Stroud and the surrounding areas.

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Create a sustainable and flourishing garden

Here at OG Organic Gardens Ltd, we are dedicated to providing exceptional garden maintenance and design services. Our team of experienced professionals utilises environmentally friendly methods and equipment to ensure a sustainable and flourishing garden. Discover our range of services designed to help your outdoor space reach its full potential.

Garden maintenance services

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Our garden maintenance services are designed to keep your outdoor space in pristine condition while adhering to eco-friendly principles. Our comprehensive range of services include: 

Lawn care and mowing: We use quiet, environmentally friendly electrical equipment to maintain your lawn, ensuring a neat and tidy appearance.

Pruning and trimming: Our expert team carefully prunes and trims your plants and trees to promote healthy growth and maintain an attractive appearance.

Weeding and pest control: We tackle weeds and pests using natural, chemical-free solutions, working with nature to protect your garden and the environment. 

Planting and transplanting: Our professionals carefully select and plant suitable species for your garden, ensuring they thrive in their new environment.


Soil improvement and mulching: We provide expert advice on soil improvement and mulching techniques to promote healthy plant growth and enhance the overall health of your garden.   

We also offer: hedge cutting, garden clearance, roof garden services and much more. 

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Garden design and advice

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Our garden design and advice services are tailored to create a unique and functional outdoor space that reflects your personal style and complements your home. Our design process includes: 

Initial consultation: We begin with a consultation to discuss your ideas, preferences and vision for your garden, ensuring a personalised design that meets your expectations. 


Site analysis & assessment: Our team conducts a thorough site analysis to identify the unique characteristics of your garden, allowing us to create a design that works in harmony with your outdoor space. 

Concept development & detailed design: We develop a concept and detailed design for your garden, incorporating your feedback and adjusting the plan as necessary to achieve your desired outcome. 

Plant selection & sourcing: Our experts carefully select and source the most suitable plants for your garden, considering factors such as local climate, soil conditions and your personal preference. 

Installation & ongoing maintenance: We provide expert guidance on the installation of your new garden and offer ongoing maintenance advice and services to ensure your outdoor space continues to thrive!

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"Have had this company to do garden jobs for me several times in the past. Neil who came today was a very pleasant young man. Did everything I asked him to do and left my garden looking really lovely! Yes I would definitely keep using the company and wish them all the best in the future."

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Contact OG Organic Gardens Ltd for garden maintenance & advice

Contact our team by giving us a call on 07949 555110, sending us a message or WhatsApp us with your requirements.

Services available across Stroud and the surrounding areas.

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